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Quoted @the_memeguy

respect the drip🥱

This nigga got Cthulhu coming out his toilet

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Quoted @Cthulu_UwU69

How I look: How I talk:

How I look: How I talk:

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Quoted @Pokemon

Post a photo of yourself as a Gym Leader in a Pokémon game without downloading any new pics 💥


I'm a nigga type gym leader, join my gym and all of your pokemon will gain the ability to say nigga

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Quoted @ConservativGrl7

@TiffinJake @JacobCLloyd Actually, according to some testimonies from Govmt agencies, the Beatles were used to break down the nuclear family, to start the free love, drug induced 60s & 70s. That they specifically put satanic words into their songs, & a long list of other things.

Good thing I don't listen to the fucking beatles then

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Quoted @yekayuriy54

Dudes be acting like total hardasses in public but will be the sweetest living beings in private. Curious.

Take her out, she knows too much

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Quoted @Wordcontxt

POV: u lost your virginity to your LAST saved anime photo

Huge dub

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Quoted @knockedupcow

first word you see will define ur 2021 AND I GOT SELF-ACCEPTANCE


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Quoted @YenterApril

@gonzale62783223 @FoquistCamper @DSTspring85 @jiminochus @hoodpope__ @ynez_z @ArtifactsHub China has muslim people in internment camps at this very moment. Do you know who put them there? Do you know why they were put their? It was Christians putting them there and trying to force them to convert to Christianity.

Nigga? The chinese were not raised by christian beliefs, they are raised by the beliefs of taoism and confucianism fuck you mean they were put there by christians

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Replying to @TheEbonyMaw: I am so tired and angry.

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I am so tired and angry.

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I thank you for the support my friends

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Quoted @kantian75

Feeling down?
Rush Limbaugh is dead!
Your welcome!

Ratio this ho ass nigga y'all

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Quoted @Tomiferrero9

Boy, I would eat that bussy but Im fasting

That what???

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Quoted @ACLU

FACT TWO: Trans athletes do not have an unfair advantage in sports.

Replying to @CptJake2: Yes they do, idoit

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Replying to @CptJake2:

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Quoted @chadfelixg

The study was going to look at adults with gender dysphoria prior to any treatment to understand their brain chemistry. But because the study could possibly lead to curing gender dysphoria with medication transgender activists shut it down claiming this. ⤵️

They shut it down because it would have cured gender dysphoria? Hahaha so much for tolerant am I right guys?

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Yes they do, idoit

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