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Bowling Green Massacre survivor. Former child crisis actor. Antifa provocateur since 1944. Last voted GOP in 1864.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

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Quoted @marcorubio

Waste of time impeachment isn’t about accountability

It’s about demands from vengeance from the radical left

And a new “show” for the “Political Entertainment Industry”

If it’s “radical” to oppose the overthrow of government by insurgents smashing their way through the halls of our Capitol in order to hunt down our elected representatives, then SIGN ME THE 🤬 UP, Senator Ballscut.

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Quoted @AynRandPaulRyan

Donald Trump has left the White House for the last time.


#InaugurationDay #TrumpsLastDay #wednesdaythought #waytooearly

#UnderPresidentTrump you now are free to move about the cabin.

We made it! #TrumpFailedAmerica

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Quoted @yashar

In January 2017, flanked by his top aides, President Trump made a big show out of signing an executive order that would, among other things, institute a five year ban on former aides lobbying.

Part of his "drain the swamp" pledge.

Tonight, Trump rescinded the executive order.

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#UnderPresidentTrump you will finally get to view that new health care plan to replace #Obamacare.

#TrumpMeltdown #Inauguration

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Is haunted by 300,000 COVID ghosts until Patrick Swayze can finally suck him to the portal to Hell. #TrumpSeriesFinale

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Tries to get COVID again to raise his poll numbers. #TrumpSeriesFinale

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Claims the aliens have arrived, invokes martial law. #TrumpSeriesFinale

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Diplomatic revoked. #TrumpSeriesFinale

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Quoted @YahooNews

Rand Paul warns 1/3rd of Republicans will leave party if GOP senators back impeachment

In #TrumpWorld 1/3 of Republicans is known as a basket of deplorables.

#ConvictTrump #ConvictAndRemove #ConvictAndRemoveTrump

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Quoted @AaronBlake

A newly elected U.S. senator proposed delaying Biden’s inauguration until “after we got this virus behind us a little bit.”

First problem is the Constitution. Second problem is we’re ... not really close to that?

#TubervilleSoDumb he thinks Game of Thrones is a documentary, the Four Seasons is available in Philadelphia, and Hugo Chavez is controlling Twitter. #TrumpWorld

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Quoted @kilmeade

Jonathan Turley argues against the House vote to impeach President Trump: “This could have serious repercussions in the future as people recognize this process against other presidents.”

In #TrumpWorld you gaslight about all the other things that could kill you while never mentioning the insurrection last week. #AmericaOrTrump

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Replying to @DecoherenceWave: this tweet aged like a meth addict

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In #TrumpWorld, never meet your heroes.

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this tweet aged like a meth addict

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#UnderPresidentTrump you will not share this historic image of his second impeachment. #ImpeachTrump

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Do you notice how #TrumpWorld constantly has to pull their masks up to cover their nose dicks?

#CapitolRiot #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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Quoted @joncoopertweets

Ivanka Trump Apparently Thinks She’s Going to Ride This Insurrection Out and Be President One Day

In #TrumpWorld Ivanka Trump is so ready to be our next president, she can smell it. Problem is, so can everyone else.

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Quoted @GeraldoRivera

A loyal friend, hounded without mercy by Democrats intent on destroying him from Day 1. Then he lost the election. It made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see.
He then unleashed a mob to make war on their own government. 5 to their doom. @LizCheney is right

Replying to @pixelatedboat: It seems Geraldo has opened the vault of friendship with Donald Trump and found it was empty 😢

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It seems Geraldo has opened the vault of friendship with Donald Trump and found it was empty 😢

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Quoted @MelissaBlasius

Jacob Chansley, AKA Jake Angeli, Arizona man makes first court appearance in for charges related to storming the U.S. Capitol. His mom says he hasn’t eaten since Friday because the detention facility won’t feed him all organic food. @abc15

Note to #TrumpWorld: Bring your own organic food to the protest.

#MAGAsnowflakes #CapitolRiot #MAGATerrorist

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Quoted @KevinMKruse

On July 25, 1974, Vice President Gerald Ford told a Republican audience that the Watergate impeachment inquiry was in large part "an attempt to try and undo the election results of 1972 -- and don't you forget it."

Two weeks later, President Richard Nixon resigned.

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