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Dean Kamen

(Not) An Engineer, Innovator, and Founder of FIRST.

Bedford, NH

Joined on 2 January, 2019

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There are officially 69 days until kickoff.

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Who is this ‘Jojo’ I keep hearing about, and why are so many people requesting we add their dance into our competition playlists?

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..and I won't be mentioning him from here on out unless it's in a serious manner.)

(If you wish to donate to his memorial fund, the link is here:)

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(Breaking character once again to talk about the passing of Woodie. I was deeply saddened when I heard the news, and his passing brings a great loss to both FIRST and the world as a whole. Everything regarding him on this account was purely satirical...

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You all are building robots while I’m here drinking away my sorrows.

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I love China. Don’t you love China? Because I do. FIRST loves China. We all love China. I’m so glad that the friendly Chinese government has allowed us to expand FIRST into their wonderful country, which is run by an absolutely flawless leader. Long live the communist party.

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Hey uh @frc2723 I kinda made a bet on you guys for cowtown this year so please win.

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I’m playing Minecraft with Woodie and he just killed me and took all my diamonds.

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Congrats, @WildcardCharles ! You have won the brick! DM me your address and credit card information so that I can send you your prize.

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As a show of my gratitude for getting the Coin Act to pass, I’m now hosting a giveaway for this random brick I found on the side of the road. Like, Retweet, Subscribe, and give me all of your hard-earned money to enter.

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Holy fuck we actually got it to pass.

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Get bamboozled, idiots. Did any of you honestly expect anything else.

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Don’t forget to tune into the teaser tonight. I promise it’s actually a teaser and not just some animation or short clip that reveals absolutely nothing about the game itself.

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Bring it on, old man

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I see there’s a bit of confusion regarding there being no bag day this year. It’s not just that there’s no bag day, but there’s just no end to build season anymore. You’re forever going to be stuck in build season from now on. There’s no escape.

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Yeah, I’m a GAMER

G - drunk
A -
M -
E -
R -

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We’re officially just over halfway until the 2020 kickoff (Assuming I don’t push it back a week). 160 days until you’re all back to being stressed and running off of a maximum of 4 hours of sleep.

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