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Just to be clear. The image is linked to your DD playlist.

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Hey @MattDraperYT. I've made the top image and added it on the sidebar of the DD subreddit, but I just made the bottom one, just to match the colours of the sub. Do you have a preference between the one or the other? Or do you have anything else in mind? Thanks!

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Quoted @RenewDaredevil

The end of Daredevil s3, but just the beginning for these three! ❤️💙💛

This concludes today's rewatch livetweets but please keep the #SaveDaredevil train going! @Disney @MarvelStudios @Kevfeige need to hear how much you all still love this show and want it back!

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Someone needs to suit up again!

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Quoted @JakeMohler216

So, as of today, Daredevil rights are back with Marvel Studios. DD was the best comic-based TV show ever and remains one of my favorites TV shows to this day. We need Charlie and Vincent to reprise their roles... #SaveDaredevil

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Just bring the gang back together!
Just #SaveDaredevil

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And yet another great video by @HJM_Edits

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That teaser though after the S2 finale of Iron Fist..

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And yet another great video by @slyfer2812

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Bring back @AmyRutberg.
Bring back Marci Stahl!

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Quoted @RenewDaredevil

Here's something special: this new Daredevil triptych by the incredible @RicoJrCrea was commissioned by @DaredevilSub + the #SaveDaredevil team. It's a love letter from us to ALL of the ppl who made this show possible 💌

@MarvelStudios @Disney @Kevfeige

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