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kelly Clarkson FAN. SPORTS fan.Hawks and CUBS Allways.Have a great husband..and a waitress for years.. Definitely not a TRUMP fan. But a fan of America.

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WOW REAL tv host. Interviews first Lady. Thats a great nod to K.C..i thank you for seeing what many have seen. REAL HEARTFUL LADY. 🤦🙆🙋Jill Biden To Sit Down With Kelly Clarkson For First Solo Broadcast Interview Since Becoming First Lady via @Deadline

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Why are we hearing this s...t from you. TELL ME WHY..WHY...she is the TALENT. YOU RODE. GET OFF.

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Ride THATBULL BRANDON. Sorry to say this. But i called it from GIANTS. And like father like son. Handsome..but i called it. You n kelly would be. Kids + 4 kc. Hope you care

Brandon Blackstock denies defrauding Kelly Clarkson out of millions via @pagesix

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Click see what i mean. FAN ya think.

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Like im SAYING.. Kc show n CREW OWNS my DVR...n HEART.

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@KellyClarksonTV Rad humans...rad talk SHOW. Kc n CREW has the right message.. And I KNOW it. As well as many. Thanks to CREW...N K.C. n NBC you DID WELL.

And YES i had to delete to choose🙆🙋And add $10 to cable bill to extend dvr hours. WELL worth it.

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Replying to @DLarson04106269: @bixin29 After today's show... It's a no brainer. But hope people users thier brain. Than it's without thought. Kelly…

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@bixin29 After today's show... It's a no brainer. But hope people users thier brain. Than it's without thought. Kelly is what's missing for many that doesn't realize. Me never had to think 2wice. Years of watching her.. Believe ME...or not...your loss... And sad. No denying.🙆🙋

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Story telling n bringing a story to a different light. I SAW today the KC we all know n love TOTALLY NON scripted WORDS. Yes it happens. But this M.L. K tribute. Was PURE. Kelly Clarkson Just Got Some Great News From NBC About Her Talk Show - CINEMABLEND

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Quoted @KellyClarksonTV

Probation Officer & Reformed White Supremacist Build Unexpected & Life-Changing Friendship


#KellyClarksonShow #MLKDay

Best honest segment ever.. Best talk show host of this time. Proud of ALL involved.

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Quoted @caratluvsebongs

@DLarson04106269 @KellyClarksonTV @pledis_17 Yes they're so amazing and entertaining (plus of the main vocal of seventeen which is seungkwan is huge fan of Kelly Clarkson hehehhe so I'm really proud and glad they finally come to this show!) I hope you're gonna love them >3

Im so looking forward to this.. Tks 🙋

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Common sense. Tells us that. BUT thanks.Despite stimulus help, fewer than 4 in 10 Americans could pay for an emergency $1,000 expense

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Quoted @JoeBiden

$600 is simply not enough when you have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table.

We need $2,000 stimulus checks.

I know im sleeping a bit better.

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You hear that Donald. How ya doing for money? No job, me neither. But i have my dignity. I may not be worth much. But i HAVE THAT. Hope u can sleep
I cantDespite stimulus, fewer than 4 in 10 Americans could pay for an emergency $1,000 expense via @usatoday

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Quoted @DLarson04106269

@KellyStats @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV Only show i never MISS. And enjoy many multiple times. Can't keep all. Dvr capabilities. Your welcome.🙋🤦THANK YOU. Kc.n.crew. We love you

Click PIC to see what i mean. Oops. My New Year's eve was tonight. Happy GREAT new year to ALL

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I would just like to point out that Kelly Clarkson is ending the year with a top 20 hit (presumably), record-setting TV ratings, and an Emmy award in hand.
That’s how it’s done, folks! 👑

I agree..

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Your welcome. Love KELLY.ttp://

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What a Christmas gift to me..many. But not a surprise GIFT. I KNEW it was coming. But a gift that keeps giving..your welcome. No thank you

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NBC you are correct. Thanks for speaking and recognizing the best of what this year has to offer . Kelly.

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@AdamParkhomenko @kellyclarkson Peaceful protests..doesnt mean your not HEARD. If anything YOU turned it up. And other wrongs are singled out and turned around. Show the the all can be part of the CAST. LET LIFE PERFORMANCE WIN. ACT ACCORDINGLY. BUT SHOW THE "MEANING OF LIFE."..FOR ALL. ALL.

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