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I analyze & judge contemporary arguments. Helping others is my passion. I want to see America united.

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Quoted @postpolitics

A viral misfire: A White House video feed ended but Biden took questions

Nope. Republicans are exactly right. Biden has not been having many exchanges with "reporters."

And the exchanges he has been having, aren't much of "exchanges." He barely gets through a single cogent thought.

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Rove is trending because of this statement Trump put out about Karl Rove.

I don't analyze the merits of Trump's claim, but I do analyze some context of the claim. In short, Trump seems to be projecting. I mean...he did just lose in 2020.
#Karl #KarlRove #Rove #Trump #Politics

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Quoted @HuffPostPol

Pope Francis will meet Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a prominent figure in Shiite Islam, to issue a joint call for peace.

Lol. Why didn't anyone think of this until now...?

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Quoted @nprpolitics

The House passed a police reform bill named for George Floyd that would ban police use of chokeholds, eliminate qualified immunity for police officers, ban no-knock warrants and mandate data collection on police encounters.

Weird considering half of that has nothing to do with George Floyd.

& when I say weird, I mean it SHOULD be weird, but isn't because we live in a ridiculously foolish society, much of which promotes this sort of nonsense on a regular basis.

Side note: Floyd was a trash person.

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Quoted @SteveScalise

Every single American should be OUTRAGED by this:

Democrats just voted to ban voter ID nationwide and force every state to permanently expand mail-in voting.

This is a perfectly sensible tweet (in sentiment anyways) naturally, the left unjustly complains about it.

The proper response: I disagree with Steve Scalise's claim that "every American should be outraged." Why would Democrats be outraged at a system that promotes fraud?

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Get ready for America last policy....

My pinned tweet discusses simple and complex issue...this would be a very simple issue.

The answer is no.
#Immigration #immigrationreform #Politics #Biden #BidensAmerica #Crime #LawAndOrder #COVID #Pandemic #KidsInCages #Responsibility

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Quoted @NBCNews

NEW: President Biden calls Texas and Mississippi decisions to end mask mandates “a big mistake" and criticizes what he views as “Neanderthal thinking” after CDC warned against complacency in the face of emerging coronavirus variants on Monday.

If anyone would know about Neanderthal would be Joe Biden.

When was the last time Biden backed up one of his claims with some actual, truthful substance?

#Neanderthal #Neanderthals #JoeBiden #Biden #BidenLied #BidenRemorse #BidensAmerica #Politics

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Also, getting rid of advanced programs because Black students don't score into them (or score poorly once in them), is...kindof #racist.

It's basically saying that Blacks CANNOT compete with Asian/White (& other) students.

#Advanced #SAT #AP #Boston #California #Wokeism #Racism

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To be clear, the issue isn't mere cancellation. The issue is the foolish nature that underlies their desire for cancellations.

Talk about sensitive.... People, it's okay to get out of your safe space. It's okay to have a conversation with someone you disagree with.

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The left yesterday: Why are you complaining about our cancelling Mr. Potato Head?

The left today: Why are you complaining about our cancelling Dr. Seuss?

Can't wait to see what the left will have in store for tomorrow....

#DrSeuss #DrSeussDay #Amazon #leftist #Books #Politics

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Quoted @adammanross

Big Mac in USA: $4.80
Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15

McDonalds worker pay in USA: $7.25
McDonalds worker pay in Denmark: $22 + Paid Family & Medical Leave & Vacation

1) I'll take "what is a confound?" for $100.

2) I'm not willing to pay more because you want healthcare. If you want healthcare...or any other product for that matter, you can pay for it yourself...or at the very least simply move to a blue state.... Why get others involved?

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We live in a time where with the touch of a screen we can access all sorts of info.

& yet, despite that, it's clear that MOST of society fails at having productive discussions about even the most basic political issues. Why?
Mainly bias, but there's a larger societal issue here.

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Quoted @ContemporaryJud

@CNNPolitics They're urging their caucus to stick together to screw America.

How nice....

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Sorry to bother anyone with this tedious thread, but I just found it too funny...especially toward the end (though it's a bit annoying that you have to click on the comments).

Also, it provides some analysis on the $1.9T bill that is being talked about.

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It's also fairly incredible to see both #AbbottResign and #CuomoResign both trending.

Just goes to show how much of a trash bin of ideas Twitter is.

But hey, at least Cuomo is an avid supporter of #MeToo...amiright?

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If you're unhappy about this, then maybe you shouldn't be in Texas.

Then go move to a state like CA or NY.... You are free to enjoy their foolish & unscientific policies.

Amazing how much unjust hate Texas/Abbott/freedom get.

#Freedom #GregAbbott #GovernorAbbott #Abbott #Texas

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Quoted @GregAbbott_TX

I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%.


I also ended the statewide mask mandate.

#VoteHimOut is trending because Gregg Abbott announced that he ended all lockdowns in his state...because there is now a vaccine available...& people who are elderly that want to get it can get it...and if they don't, that's fine too...because ppl can make their own choices.

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Andrew Cuomo went from hero to zero (among the left/media at least) faster than anyone else in history.

What changed?

#AndrewCuomo #Cuomo #CuomoResign #CuomoMustResign #CuomosGottaGo #CuomoMustGo #CuomoCorruption #CuomoCoverup #Politics #Media #DoubleStandards #DoubleStandard

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How to unite America:

1) recognizing that there are simple issues and complex issues

2) Agreeing on the simple issues

3) Finding areas to agree on the complex issues

4) Seeing what remains to be debated, and then only debating those issues

Unfortunately we often fail at 1-3

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