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U.S. Senator. Family farmer. Lifetime resident of New Hartford, IA. Also follow @GrassleyPress for news and information.


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Dems $1.9 trillion bill is full of non pandemic related pork incl $1.5M for bridge in NY (Schumer) & $100M to construct underground rail in California (Pelosi) Earmarks r back but only for Dems. Pork but not kind hungry kids can eat

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If Dems say this $1.9 Trillion bill is needed to help ppl suffering—why are they sending checks to ppl who make up to $200,000 even if they haven’t lost income?

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U know liberal censorship has gotten ridiculous when Amazon stripped a documentary of the only African/American on SOTUS fr its streaming service during Black History Month

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Representative govt is a 2 way street & im 1 half of that impt process This wk I launched upgraded website so Iowans can keep in touch w me easier/read my speeches +press releases/ask for assistance w federal agencies etc Go to 2see for urself

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Trade is critical to Iowa’s economy 2day I asked Katherine Tai, Pres Biden’s nom 2b US trade rep abt Brazil’s tariffs on ethanol + USMCA enforcement/dairy quotas + UK trade negotiations + China Phase 1 ag purchases/structural changes to US China trade relationship etc

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Met w Linn Co Public Health Director Dr. Pramod Dwivedi issues: Public health workforce COVID-19 funding Rural health Vaccines Telehealth etc

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HOGWASH ALERT House Democrats plan 2cut Feenstra amendment 2give farmers hurt by derecho relief in bloated $1.9T bill The amend had BIPARTISAN support but Democrats abandoned their own calls for unity This is unacceptable We can't turn our back on farmers hit by natural disaster

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Bidens CIA pick said if he were a school president he wldnt allow Confucius Institute on campus SMART MOVE We kno its arm of Chinese govt propaganda +FBI warns China is stealing US research/IP
So why did Biden admin end rule requiring gr8r transparency? I asked/Havnt heard back

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3yrs ago a Parkland Florida school became yet another tragic site of mass violence I reintroduced bipartisan EAGLES Act -named 4Parkland HS mascot- to use Secret Service threat assessment expertise 2help schools identify warning signs of possible future violence/stop b4 tragedy

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2nite I was on Capitol steps for moment of silence w congressional leaders honoring the 500k Americans who lost their life to covid-19 It was time for me to hv an extra pray for those lost &their families We also bring attention to the responsibility we all hv 2stop the spread

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Thx to RCAP for honoring me w 2021 congressional champion award for our work 2gether supporting rural communities As a lifelong family farmer I know firsthand the challenges my neighbors face in rural America & I will always b an advocate for rural development/infrastructure

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This was in the well on the Senate floor for Vilsack’s confirmation vote 2day urging my colleagues to support my fellow Iowan. Farmers need a leader at USDA #realhistorychannel @ United States Capitol

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Mtg w docs from Iowa Medical Society 2day issues: rural health care COVID-19 relief Telehealth Maternal health Rx drug prices vaccines etc

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Iowa’s own Tom Vilsack was just confirmed again by US Senate 2b Scty of Agriculture w BIG bipartisan vote of 92 to 7 Congrats Tom-keep up the fight for family farmers/biofuels/etc

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Thx to our law enforcement who keep the public safe even in frigid temps @ Cresco, Iowa

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Congrats to Luka Garza who surpassed Roy Marble for the Univ of Iowa bball record for most pts scored becoming Iowa's ALL TIME scoring leader at last night's victory over Penn State. Right now Garza has 2126 career pts & the seasons not over GO HAWKS

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This wk I heard from the Adel DeSoto Minburn school district about how their students hv been safely in the classroom since August #99countymeetings @ Adel, Iowa

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Recap of this wk’s #99countymeetings @ Iowa

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1 of my #99countymeetings was held at Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame in Cresco Lots of famous HS/college wrestlers come from Cresco so it’s a natural place 2hv hall of fame It includes pics of many star wrestlers from IA regardless of hometown Im proud of Iowa’s wrestling history

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