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Replying to @CGRTeams: Introducing our DPi class @Cadillac for the 2021 @IMSA season! 🖊️

#IMSA | #TeamGanassi

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Introducing our DPi class @Cadillac for the 2021 @IMSA season! 🖊️

#IMSA | #TeamGanassi

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Introducing the official #TSM jersey for 2021!

An epic partnership is the only way to start the new year. #CadillacxTSM

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Cadillac V-Series Blackwing. 
The reveal. 
2.1.21 #CT4 #CT5

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Relive highlights of the @Cadillac Arrival Sessions featuring @theroots and @babyrosemusic. It was a great night! @IrvingPlaza #NeverStopArriving #2021Escalade

This is how you show up! What an amazing live performance by @theroots and @babyrosemusic during the Cadillac Arrival Sessions. #NeverStopArriving #2021Escalade

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She owns multiple restaurants and won Bravo’s “Top Chef.” Now, @ChefBrookeW is giving back. To honor her, Cadillac and @60SecDocs asked artist John Park to create a bold mural that reflects her #NeverStopArriving journey. #2021Escalade See more:

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Replying to @LiveNation: Tune in NOW as the @theroots and @babyrosemusic light up the renewed @IrvingPlaza stage together in NYC for the @Cadillac A…

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Tune in NOW as the @theroots and @babyrosemusic light up the renewed @IrvingPlaza stage together in NYC for the @Cadillac Arrival Sessions! #NeverStopArriving #2021Escalade

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Need another reason to get excited about the 2022 V-Series Blackwing? Check out the 3D-printed jewel-like medallion on the manual shift knob, specifically designed to give enthusiasts a greater level of personalization. #LongLiveTheManuals

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TUNE IN to watch a virtual LIVE set with @theroots and @babyrosemusic at the Cadillac Arrival Sessions—12/17 at 8pm EST @LiveNation livestream. If you miss the stream, there’s no going back. #NeverStopArriving #2021Escalade

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#ICYMI. Tune into the LIVE Escalade Walkaround. We captured it on arrival, so you can live it or relive it here. #2021Escalade #NeverStopArriving #TBT

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The 2022 V-Series Blackwing vehicles are rounding the corner, and feature a standard 6-speed manual transmission. Are you ready? #LongLiveTheManuals

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Tune in now for a LIVE Q&A with CT4 engineer Kay Batt.

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See what performance is made of. Live Q&A with CT4 engineer Kay Batt, tonight @ 7pm EST. Streamed on , YouTube & Twitter.

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Humbled to be included in @people's 2020 people of the year. I am grateful for the honor and even more grateful for the people that motivate & inspire me to be better. Click here to see one of my inspirations

In a word: Inspired.
Join us in giving @ReginaKing a round of applause on her recent honor. Congratulations on your milestone moment, you deserve it!

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.@KevinMagnussen and @Rengervdz will be joining @CGRsportscar's @Cadillac DPi-V.R #IMSA program in 2021!



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Prepare to be inspired. See where Cadillac’s EV future started with these initial design sketches of the #LYRIQ

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We bet you didn't see that @actionjaxon reveal coming. And if you didn't see the @Twitch livestream at all, don't make the same mistake twice – tap the link below to watch the action.

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If you didn't guess our @Twitch mystery gamer the first two times, then maybe third time's the charm. Tune in tonight @ 8p ET to watch @actionjaxon take on our next surprise guest. Tap the link for the livestream.

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Tonight is the night. Experience the evolution of Escalade LIVE. Tune into Instagram to see the original and the Next-Generation #2021Escalade in the Cadillac Live Studio 7 PM EST — when we go LIVE with special guests. #NeverStopArriving

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Defiantly bold. Unmistakably Cadillac: our iconic grille continues its evolution in the 2021 Escalade. #NeverStopArriving #TBT

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