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Quoted @ToonamiSquad

From today onwards, this will be Toonami Squad's emblem! Like before, our social media will have a different color variation to match #Toonami's current color scheme. Expect to see different versions of it for future events! (Movie nights, TIEs, Holidays, maybe marathons, etc).

A rebrand can do wonders for moral and can revitalize a community. I wish Squad the best and hope they continue to strive to be a positive fan site for the Toonami community.

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I'm trying to keep it fresh, but familiar!

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Back on my Vice City playlist again.🎶

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Can't play this version anymore since my PS2 died. Thankfully, I own it for Xbox. (which runs much better! I don't miss the load times at all )

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Quoted @PlayStation

PlayStation 2 first launched 21 years ago. What disc did you pop in the tray right away?

I still have a soft spot for it.

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I'm continuing my legendary run of Halo 2.

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I woke up just to start playing Genshin Impact.

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D2 stream today was postponed. Today has been overwhelming. I'll be streaming Halo tomorrow.

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What a stacked week I have planned!

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The mystery stream game is Hunt Down The Freeman. Suffer with me.

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A late stream tonight

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Though, the animated nameplates are neat.

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I'm so excited for the new content in Halo 3: The Master Chief Collection!

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Gordon Freeman is sus. He’s always in vents. There’s my dumb joke quota for the day.

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Going live with Black Mesa I will talk about D2's Future a lot probably

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Time for some Legendary BS in Halo 2.

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Replying to @ToonamiBot: HAMTARO (Toonami 1:00 Promo)

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HAMTARO (Toonami 1:00 Promo)

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Going Live with D2.

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Bonus stream of Crash 4 has been postponed to sometime later in the week. Unforeseen circumstances have forced my hand.

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