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just enough education to be able to question everything an make snide comments about politics and the economy.

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Quoted @HawleyMO

It's time to stand up against the muzzling of America via @nypost

It’s time for Congress/senate to stand up and clean its own house #censureHawley #RemoveTheTraitors

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Quoted @penguinponders

via @EdMorrissey Huckabee Sanders: I’ll carry Trump’s law-and-order torch as Arkansans’ last line of defense

Just what congress and Arkansans’ need another professional liar..this one even worse because she is a trump apologist #realswampy

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Quoted @JohnFugelsang

Ken Burns' The Civil War, Part 2.
The Last Stand of the Confederacy.
6 January 2021.

Ken Burns had nothing to do with this.
Please watch & share if you like.

Let’s get Burns and PBS on it

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Senators you seem to be forgetting one thing President Trump has already been impeached..that was done while in office..your job is conviction and sentencing..claiming that because he is out of office clears him is wrong..on so many levels #AmericaOrTrump

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Do the Democrats have someone lined up to run against 
Madison Cawthorn because as a (former) Republican and a paralyzed Veteran I am outraged and frankly embarrassed that that fool was elected to Congress. We need to start a new campaign to #gethimout

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I just entered 's Free Giveaway!
Enter Daily:

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Quoted @TheTodayShow

Former World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka has called for calm and respect as criticism of the Australian Open's quarantine scheme continues. #9Today

No player should ever complain that they don’t have enough time outside or even time on the courts to practice. They need to remember they are being paid to PLAY A GAME. All competitors have the same rules and training opportunities.

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Quoted @AustralianOpen

Look out 👀

Quad wheelchair World No.1 @DylanAlcott is back and hungry for more 🏆⤵️

#AO2021 | #AusOpen

Go Dylan

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#TrumpsLastDay at trumps departure speech he just added to his lies. As a disabled vet he did NOTHING to help us. He just doesn’t understand that the stock market is NOT the economy. And he really doesn’t understand that the top 1/2% is not the nation #GoodRiddanceTrump

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Really 111%er,.... what does that mean? 100% crazy with 11% of a brain

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Quoted @stevenjfrisch

@NaveedAJamali Donald Trump Jr. wore a MAGA shirt with a III%er logo.

This is not normal.

You are right about that ....he is not Normal

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Quoted @TheEllenShow

You might’ve seen these incredible dancers around New York City during the pandemic. I love them.

Proving that Masks don’t impede strenuous exercise

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Quoted @jaketapper

WaPo: “Trump has instructed aides not to pay Giuliani’s legal fees... and has demanded that he personally approve any reimbursements for the expenses Giuliani incurred while traveling on the president’s behalf to challenge election results in key states.”

Trump running gov. Just like his business, amass bill and don’t pay them, pay himself and family then declare bankruptcy..get away with paying pennies on the dollar.
A crook before being elected a crook after impeachment #ConvictAndRemove

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Replying to @LeStaceyLynn: @ProjectLincoln Someone STILL needs to teach @LaraLeaTrump that LAND is not Republican or Democrat - but PEOPLE are https…

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Replying to @CristiLHarris: @johnlangab @ProjectLincoln Land doesn't vote.

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Replying to @emmaline1221: @ProjectLincoln I think being banned from holding office permanently, no Secret Service detail, no pension, no travel bud…

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Quoted @votevets

If you wear a mask that says “censored” while speaking into a microphone on national TV — you might just be a pathetic liar.

She is pathetic and obviously doesn’t know what censorship is

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Quoted @atrupar

these are ridiculous people

When you elect someone that is only out for her own self promotion.....Absolutely Ridiculous

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@johnlangab @ProjectLincoln Land doesn't vote.

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@ProjectLincoln Someone STILL needs to teach @LaraLeaTrump that LAND is not Republican or Democrat - but PEOPLE are

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@ProjectLincoln I think being banned from holding office permanently, no Secret Service detail, no pension, no travel budget, and especially no National Security briefings would be a delightful addition!

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#CoachBelichick thank you for standing up to Trump and not excepting the medal..you are much greater than the failed businessman and failed impeached president...you don’t need his medal..you will always have our hearts #RepublicansForBiden

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#Senate Roy Blunt during the previous impeachment and removal debates Senator Collins said that she felt Trump had learned his lesson..Obviously he did..he learned that he can do anything he wants including trying to takeover the country . #GetHimOut

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