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That brings #BloombergCrypto to a close! Thanks to all who participated and a big thank you to our sponsors @BitGo and @Grayscale. Missed the event? Watch on-demand here!

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Are gold and #Bitcoin analogous? @nic__carter, "Bitcoin introduces new properties - because it is dematerialized. It's transmissible, it's programmable. It's very easy to verify. It has the potential to surpass it as a monetary medium." #BloombergCrypto

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"It's not like you're going to be able to create a central bank currency and the average consumer in the U.S. is going to have access to it." @PanteraCapital's @joeykrug weighs in on CBDCs vs. #Bitcoin conversation. #BloombergCrypto

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"It is a pseudonymous network, not an anonymous network. The ability to plug #Bitcoin into the banking system is a function, in part, of the fact that there are private surveillance firms that can trace transactions." @AvantiBT's @CaitlinLong_ #BloombergCrypto

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How will CBDCs impact the crypto ecosystem? @coinmetrics' @nic__carter, "Bitcoin does give you transactional freedom, by design, and it gives you a measure of privacy. While CBDCs might look cosmetically similar to Bitcoin - it's a completely different product." #BloombergCrypto

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.@AvantiBT's @CaitlinLong_ talks with @business' @kgreifeld about digital assets on balance sheets. "For corporate treasurers, it's not important - that was always going to be a fairly small piece of the pie. Because the accounting for #Bitcoin is asymmetrical." #BloombergCrypto

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"I view #Bitcoin as the most pure asset that exists - critics like to say it doesn't really do anything - and that's the point. Some people call it digital gold and I agree with that thesis." Co-CIO
@PanteraCapital @joeykrug

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Where does #Bitcoin derive its value from? "From scarcity and network effects - its value is entirely subjective." @AvantiBT Founder & CEO @CaitlinLong_ #BloombergCrypto

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"FinCEN started regulating the space back in 2013, and at that time the only asset FinCEN was looking at was #Bitcoin. We now have over 6,000 cryptocurrencies." @CMTDigitalLtd Co-Founder & CEO Colleen Sullivan. #BloombergCrypto

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How has the Trump administration impacted crypto regulations? Director of Research @CoinCenter @valkenburgh talks with @Bloomberg's Ben Elliott. #BloombergCrypto

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.@CMTDigitalLtd Co-Founder & CEO Colleen Sullivan talks about the crypto regulatory framework with @Bloomberg's Ben Elliott. "It's a brand new asset class - it should not have 20th-century rules applied to 21st-century technologies." #BloombergCrypto

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"We can't be naive - thinking the issuance of a different kind of fiat is suddenly going to change the way the world works in the short term. I do think it's important to have an understanding of what could transpire and be planning for that." @sheila_warren #BloombergCrypto

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How would the implementation of CBDCs impact commercial banking? @Visa's @cuysheffield, "We think there is a really important role for commercial banks. Central banks aren't used to doing customer service." #BloombergDigital

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"My view has always been crypto, stablecoin, and CBDCs have different roles to play in the broader financial system. They're different things." @wef's @sheila_warren #BloombergCrypto

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.@Visa's Head of Crypto @cuysheffield talks with @VildanaHajric about the CBDC landscape and stablecoins. "Stablecoins are being used for cross-border payments, for B2B payments, for remittances. So stablecoins aren't being used to buy your coffee." #BloombergCrypto

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Does @MicroStrategy have plans to purchase even more #Bitcoin? Chairman & CEO @michael_saylor tells @TheStalwart, “It makes sense to buy as much of that asset class as we can.” #BloombergCrypto

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"I think the underlying integrity of the network that allows you to take personal custody of your assets - it creates the foundation upon which to create an institutional-grade store of value." @MicroStrategy's @michael_saylor #BloombergCrypto

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NOW: The #BloombergCrypto Summit is live with @ARKInvest's @CathieDWood, @MicroStrategy's @michael_saylor, @Visa's @cuysheffield, @nic__carter, @AvantiBT's @CaitlinLong_, @PanteraCapital's @joeykrug, @Grayscale's @Sonnenshein, @BitGo's @mikebelshe & more.

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