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Quoted @BuffaloBills

All gas no brakes.

#BUFvsKC | #BillsMafia

Imagine trying to mock your division rival to have the opponent apply no brakes in the game for the super bowl? Can’t be my team Someone gunna need a tow because that shit stalled. 😂😂 #BillsMafia #billsvschiefs #BillsVsKC #AFCChampionship

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Quoted @LarryHolder

Drew Brees and his family have been on the field for quite some time now. The kids are playing like kids would. Brees is standing on the sideline taking it all in.

Drew, you were the definition of a leader and stand up guy on and off the field. Could never not cheer for you and the way you carried NO on your back through so much. If this is the end, I’m glad I was able to see you play.A Jet fan with respect for you #Saints #Brees #ForNOLA

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Anyone wanna cue up that Kareem Hunt td Pic of him going to sleep? #CHIEFSKINGDOM #Chiefs #Browns

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Quoted @SNYtv

10 years ago today, @BartScott57 coined the iconic phrase:


I really thought that was our year. Can’t wait to get back to winning football #jets

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Hope Wolford is ok! Prayers up for him. #Rams #LARams

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Replying to @JeremyCom: Tonight. $100. RT. Random.

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Tonight. $100. RT. Random.

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Quoted @Panthers

.@chosen1ra & @SirPurr: A thread

This is great

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Quoted @NYJ_Matt

The Jets have fired Adam Gase

#Jets #TakeFlight

Mood as fuck!!! #Jets #TakeFlight

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Quoted @linebackrschool

Bruh. What the hell is 88 doin?! Lol


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Y’all done shittin on Herndon or nah? #Jets #TakeFlight

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One more for the year! Not the season I had hoped for but thankful I got to watch that team suit up every week and go to war with each other. Thanks to all that wore the uniform this year!!! Let’s go Jets!! J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Beat New England #Jets #TakeFlight #FuckNE

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Quoted @ChrisVannini

Lmaoooooo. Watch to the end.

😂😂 this is great

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Quoted @PFTCommenter

Would be very funny if the Jag’s drafted Fields and Trevor lawerence went to the Jets and stunk

People wanna hate the Jets so bad. Living rent free in these little minds

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Everyone going nuts about who the jets are picking like they don’t need to pick the right head coach above all else #Jets #TakeFlight

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Jets Twitter is going to lose their minds watching this game #jets

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Happy new year everyone! Hope it’s a happy and safe one #Bye2020 #2021

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How do you drop that?! #MondayNightFootball

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Love to see this. J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Nice win!! Never apologize for good play. #Jets #Takeflight

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Quoted @BleacherReport

JuJu Smith-Schuster cleared $25K worth of layaway for Christmas gifts and essentials for 170 families last week.

He also paid for Christmas gifts for 200 kids.

Respect. @brgridiron

But people worried about his dancing

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Quoted @KnicksCentral

Baker Mayfield without all pro WRs looks a lot like Sam Darnold, funny how that works, huh?

🗣Louder for the ones in the back.

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