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Find out how to enable 4K resolution and adjust video output settings on your PlayStation 5 console:

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If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, both your console and cloud storage will sync to the most recent data of your PS5 Games.

You can find more about enabling PS Plus Cloud Storage for PS5 & PS4 consoles here:

 165  25  24  Download

Everything you need to know about PS5 Backward Compatibility:

 246  51  25  Download

The DualSense wireless controller for the PS5 console offers immersive haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games, as well as a built-in microphone!

You can learn more about the DualSense in our guide:

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Check out and learn more about our newly released & upcoming PS5 games here:

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Easily check how you sound to your teammates on PS5 with the PULSE 3D wireless headset’s dedicated mic monitoring button and dual noise-cancelling microphones:

 178  28  22  Download

You can use the on-screen cards in the PS5 console Control Center to discover new gameplay opportunities, challenges and more:

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The PlayStation 5 console has been designed with several features and functions to support accessibility needs:

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How to set up child accounts, parental controls, and set spending and play time limits on a PS5 console:

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Get the perfect shot with the HD camera's built-in stand. Its compact design allows it to be securely positioned above or below TVs, where you can fine-tune the angle to suit your streaming setup:

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Find out how to create and join a party, voice chat and share content with party members in Game Base on PS5 consoles:

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You can transfer PS4 game progress to your PS5 console, here’s how:

 322  60  47  Download

The media remote lets you power on your PlayStation 5 console and navigate its menus, media and apps without a wireless controller:

 166  55  13  Download

Learn how to download your PlayStation Store purchases on your PS5 console:

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Somebody disrupting your PlayStation experience? Use the block and report features to help yourself and others maintain a safer place to play:

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Find out how to enable 4K resolution and adjust video output settings on your PlayStation 5 console:

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This article contains a general introduction to getting started on PlayStation Network on the PS5 console:

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All the information you need to get started for PS Now on the PS5 console can be found here:

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Have questions about your gaming? Find out about our online troubleshooting tools, and how to contact PlayStation Support.

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