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Good health starts from the inside, out 🍽.

Try this collection of helpful apps that provide healthy eating options through meal planning and recipes:

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Get the most out of your money 💵💰.

If you’ve been seeking guidance on financial budgeting, take a look at these 8 apps for help saving.

 58  3  6

Reflect on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 🕊

Join us in revisiting the work of this Nobel Peace Prize–winning civil rights icon through documentaries, his speeches, and expressions of art.

Learn more.

 90  3  13

Teach your robot to bob, weave, and strike in this quirky physics-based brawler (and our Game of the Day) 🤖 Robotics!

 94  10  7  Download

Replying to @AppStoreGames: ‘Tis it the hour to unfurl thy leggings and wig? Heavenly Peter has escaped 😮🤦‍♂️!

Seek him hiding within fine Renaiss…

 0  0  8

Simply Guitar just upgraded your learning experience with its latest update 🎸🎶.

Play tunes and chords with the help of more than 10 additional languages, a new chord trainer, and features optimized for iOS 14.

 83  2  9  Download

‘Tis it the hour to unfurl thy leggings and wig? Heavenly Peter has escaped 😮🤦‍♂️!

Seek him hiding within fine Renaissance art, before getting too distracted on your crusade.

Embark on The Procession to Calvary post haste:

 69  2  8  Download

Turn your fitness routine into...a game 🤔😯!

With Sweat Deck you can customize a set of cards, assign each one to a specific workout, and then exercise with the help of onscreen animations.

So pick a card, any card.

 61  6  8

We have just the collection of apps to help upgrade and refresh your WFH toolkit.

Schedule, connect, and collaborate.

 60  5  6

Fit in a quick workout between those long video calls with Wakeout! 💪👊💥.

More than just the App of the Year, it’s an easy way to keep yourself energized throughout the day, without the hassle of equipment.

Try a new exercise:

 75  3  12  Download

Learning a new language can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

This unique collection of apps, made for different types of learners, helps you pick up your next language on your terms.

So... ¿Qué idioma aprenderás a continuación?

 89  2  10  Download

Meet the hard-working, knowledgeable envoy of Liyue: Ganyu!

Unlock this 5-star Cryo archer in @GenshinImpact's latest release.

 2,805  68  251  Download

Meditation and self-care apps can help you relax—and they really work. (We know. We’re using them.)

Here’s a collection to calm your mind and soothe your body:

 70  14  8  Download

Kick the year off strong by building a happier, healthier you with help from the best health and fitness apps on the App Store.

Find what works for you and start feeling better:

 128  144  15  Download

Take a trip down memory lane in The Game of Life 🚘💼🏢.

With new twists like playing aboard a rocket ship, or changing your surroundings to a pirate’s cove, it’s just as fun as the original, but now offers up exciting surprises.

 108  27  8

Improve your sleep routine this year with the help of @Pillow_App 🥱🛌💤.

The Sleep Aid feature soothes you to sleep and Smart Wake Up picks the best time to give you a morning nudge so you can feel refreshed.

Get better ZZZs.

 107  12  15

There’s no better time than right now to hit reset and try something new.

So tackle your to-dos, add another useful skill to your repertoire, or just have some flat-out fun with the help of these apps:

 240  14  21  Download

Happy New Year everyone 🥳🎉🎊!

We’re excited to dedicate another year to helping connect you with the most amazing and innovative apps and games. Cheers!

 612  29  32

Want to play Pebble Beach on NYE? Now you can—virtually ⛳️!

Jump into @wgtgolf’s Countdown Showdown event to compete with similarly-skilled players and win prizes now:

 93  4  13  Download

These timeless favorites bring the nostalgia and the fun to your personal game night ♟🎲🃏.

Play a classic:

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