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Currently in survival mode. Alum of @ImmJusticeNow, @unconsoleable, journalism. Abolitionist. Mom to autistic cutie. Feminist. Anti-racist. Immigrant. She/Her

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Chicago FOP President John Catanzara has publicly defended the right-wing militants who killed 5 people.

He must be fired.

Tell the Police Board NOW that Catanzara must go:

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Miss me with attempts to make me feel sorry for the crying QAnon lady.

Miss me with claims that’s she’s a “victim” of right wing elites, an innocent dupe.

Empathy isn’t endless and mine goes first to people who are ACTUAL victims of the GOP and their supporters.

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Quoted @JoyceWhiteVance

History will look back on the Trump presidency & wonder how Americans fell for him, why they tolerated him & his crimes for so long & how slowly they shook it off, even when it was clear it was over. It will seem inexplicable.

Replying to @Lollardfish: No. History will look back on the Trump presidency and see a linear path from Goldwater to Trump based on elite impunity a…

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As my friend @kdc once said, ableism is truly the last frontier. You find it in leftists spaces alllll the time; spaces where racism, misogyny, etc would NEVER be tolerated.

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Quoted @QueenMab87

Mocking the signature of a disabled nazi is still ableist. We really need to keep doing this?

This was also the first thought I had when I saw that tweet.

My son might never learn to write and if he does, it will likely be even more awkward. Is he worth less as a human being, too?

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White women can and do uphold the white patriarchy.

But we are also movable to something beyond it.

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Quoted @WireCaps

Bernie got the pit humming.

OMG this is maybe the best one

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Quoted @mdornic

This team truly understands optics. These images will inspire our friends and shake our foes.

LOL yes, I’m sure our foes are terrified by fireworks.

Also, please stop with the warmongering terminology FFS

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You know the leftist edgelords who say there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Their ideological brethren are QAnon idiots who think the left is funded by George Soros.

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Once in a while though, there is a voice of reason among these loonies. Here’s today’s contender.

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Day 2 of watching how the cultists cope with the inauguration and they’re still not ok 😂

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I feel like the reporter who wrote this wants me to be shocked and surprised, but I’m not.

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🎉🎉 MPP is over!! 🎉🎉

This was a cruel and immoral policy that subjected asylum seekers to the dangers of Mexico’s border towns.

Many migrants were kidnapped, raped, and robbed while they waited in squalid tent camps in Matamoros and Tijuana, many with small children.

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In the first scandal of the Biden presidency, Major, the President’s rescue doggo, was not present for his indoguration.

However, Josh Groban was 😆

You can watch it here:

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Quoted @FWDus

In the first 100 days of the Biden Admin, allies hope to see Congress and the administration build a humane, commonsense immigration system. This starts w/ creating a path to citizenship #ForOurFamilies, and ending MPP & family separation once and for all.

Please sign this pledge & urge the Biden administration to make these EXTREMELY necessary changes to our immigration system.

And this is only the beginning!

We need legislative action so no future president can do what Trump has done to immigrants.


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No. History will look back on the Trump presidency and see a linear path from Goldwater to Trump based on elite impunity and racist electoral systems. He will only be significant in the long run if that path ends here rather than continuing to whoever knows 24 or 28.

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Quoted @atrupar

Zeke Miller gets the first question during a Biden-era press briefing. It's about whether Jen Psaki sees her role as "promoting the interests of the president or are you here to provide truth." Psaki replies by saying she respects the media. No insults. No meltdowns.

I’m a tad emotional about how normal all this is and it’s a mindfuck how low we sunk in just 4 years 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Quoted @andizeisler

Whomst did this

This is beautiful work

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Quoted @cta

Doors Closing.


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Drink water

Take your meds/vitamins

Get outside if possible

Breathe deeply

Do something fun and lighthearted


This is a marathon, not a sprint and burning out isn’t an option.

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