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Adrienne Hamm

Wife, mother of 2, mother to a fur baby, EMT, Firefighter, bus driver...........yep probably a few too many.....LOL.


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Quoted @RexChapman

This kid hugging his little brother during the soccer match is just what I needed today...

Hope for the future right here!

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One thing about social media I hate, if you make a response to someone's post and someone else doesn't like it, suddenly you get torn apart even if your comment was actually nice.....I have taken on my child's view, its as simple as just being nice to others.....

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All my babies....haha

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Well, walking on the treadmill while watching your favorite daytime show @KellyClarksonTV is great until I got to laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and fell off my treadmill....HAHAHA 🀣 At least no one witnessed it! 🀣🀣🀣

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I happily walked 4.5 miles in that one hour.....hahaha.....

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Nothing like walking on my treadmill while catching my favorite daytime television show...@KellyClarksonTV

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Music turns frowns upside down.....put her on my lap and started singing along with some music and instant smile...maybe because of my attempt at singing..hahaha (na, I'm a total choir nerd I'm not tone deaf) hahahaha!

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Well, getting some online continuing ed done while at work today and listening to some good tunes....haha

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My current situation in my rural community in Southern Indiana.......

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😭 The feeling you get when you know your trapped in a situation you don't want to be in anymore but knowing there is no way out.

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Anyone else ever want to just get in your car and go drive around with the radio on just to clear your mind.........

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Let's see, that was "Faith" by George Michael........HAHAHAHA! 🀣

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Sitting in my bunkroom at work tonight. Love my job but today it's been a tough one.....hug those you love and never stop telling them how much you love them......8 more hrs to some tunes playing to try and relax enough to catch a nap.

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This is happening in Southern Indiana where I kids are already home early from school and in this stuff...haha

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Chips and queso always makes for a good day....hehe

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Well my youngest is back on distance learning starting again tomorrow, Im a working mom and wife now adding teacher to again to my list...oh boy....

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