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 11 years ago

Today was a good day.

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 1 month ago

@JColeNC Check out Mz.MusiQ on #SoundCloud

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 2 months ago

@JColeNC It will be and it will be even greater if you drop The Fall Off. #votethefalloff2020

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 2 months ago

@JColeNC All days are good days brother!
Much love

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@JColeNC Call me Richard Millie , presidential like the watch 😁⌚️❄️ rt share like

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@JColeNC Nice Cole

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@JColeNC Do a freestyle over Ice Cube it was a good day

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@JColeNC Word

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 4 months ago

@JColeNC first

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Why not start

Luke shaw


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kumbe ndivyo tulivyo
"tuachieth'' so disgusting
I hate this dude
fuck him
2 own goals now this season
making us feel uncle jones is risen 😢😦
where will I hide now that we're exposed
shitty team
we go again on Saturday 💪


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This is exactly why we needed a proper no.9 and we still need another striker. Scholes etc got pelters for saying #mufc needed a striker. We need another to cover Cavani at ST position. Martial is 25 #MUFC #MUNSHU

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The bad boys of Manchester are back #MUNSHU #PremierLeague

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Man-U fans where are you

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Title contenders needed a win to get back on top of the table, only for them to be beaten at home by the team at the bottom.
The kind of humbling we love to see 😂
Don't you just love this league?


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Bad day at the office today...let’s just say it was an all round poor performance from @ManUtd...Now is the time to dust ourselves down and go again on Saturday. #MUNSHU #MUFC

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