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 11 years ago

Dallas where its at tonight

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@JColeNC Call me Richard Millie , presidential like the watch 😁⌚️❄️ rt share like

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 3 months ago

@JColeNC Yes, and please drop the fall off

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@JColeNC Yes

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wait guys, it’s not over yet. #MUNSHU

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How the fuck we didn’t score more goals against the worst goalkeeper in the league is beyond me. Fair play to Sheff Utd’s defensive unit but we were tragic from back to front #MUNSHU #MUFC

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And it sole happened on the day Maguire header wasn’t useless... very useless team #MUNSHU

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Martial is freaking Irritating! Wears no9 and has totally no clue on how a 9 should play. Not to talk of those black gloves😠 #MUNSHU

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I said it! I said it!! I just had a wrong feeling about today's game especially as we did not equalise in the first half.
Marking was poor. No definition in the attack. We allowed them too much room to operate.WTH!

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OGS absolutely clueless. Martial is the worst player ever to have put on a united shirt. How he's in the squad I'll never know. I hope United end up 7th, out of the FA cup and Europa League. OGS wins a brand new sack for 20/21. #MUNSHU

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When they win, it's Bruno Fernandez or Rashford

When they lose, it's Martial or Maguire..

But they're all in those matches together


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