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Dr. Fauci has very clearly exploited a crisis for his own ego and pursuit of stardom. He has no regard for the businesses destroyed, lives taken from suicide, or the children who have fallen behind in school. But hey, did you see that TV interview he did the other day? #FireFauci

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Last night while cooking chicken soup, I was 'singing' my version of Black Pumas back up vocals. My son's gamer friends didn't like it. #igotcaught #singme #headphonesonidontcare

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#IGotCaught putting soda in a water cup at McDonald's 😩😂

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@jimmyfallon 9 yrs old eating dinner at my cousins house, all sitting at the table while the tv was on. Commercial for Nestea came on, w the guy tossing back his bottle of tea and gulping it down. I picked up my full glass of iced tea and imitated his cool move...and got soaked. #igotcaught

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@jimmyfallon The wife and I 'finishing each other' on a SEMI-private beach...😬🤫🤭

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Did you know "dimples" is a disorder 👻😎 so if you got dimples you retarded bih ❕ #wednesdaythought #tife #igotcaught

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@jimmyfallon My parents finding me in the closet and screaming “your going to go blind if you keep doing that” #IGotCaught

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#IGotCaught shoplifting in the 1990s. Apparently, my friends were wrong--not everybody was doing it.

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