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I know I said a lot of curse word and talk a little too spicy in my Interview with INTERVIEW magazine with Mariah Carey but I can’t help it she made me feel comfortable 🤷🏽‍♀️ I didn’t felt like I was doing a robot interview I felt like I was a having a real conversation.

Cardi!!! I loved our conversation! What I didn’t say but should have said is that it’s not just the fact that you’re beautiful on the outside, it is the fact that you are a real person that is also beautiful on the inside.. I’m here for it all! You made my day 💜

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@thirstymariah @MariahCarey BRA COLLAB WHAT KSKSKSKS

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@MariahCarey and the bra collab is coming really soon (with a song i hope)

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@MariahCarey Mariah say hi to me dahrlin

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@MariahCarey STOP PLEASE

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@MariahCarey queens💗

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@MariahCarey I love u Mimi

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@dionnewarwick @netflix Hubby and I watched "I care a lot" on @Netflix #dionnewarwick no spoilers.... ending 🙌 Have a nice day 🙏❤

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@dionnewarwick @netflix Blown Away is a fun reality show to watch about glassblowers. Some pretty amazing glasswork being done. #dionnewarwick

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@dionnewarwick @netflix "I Care A Lot" is definitely recommended. #dionnewarwick

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@dionnewarwick @netflix A tv show, but hunter x hunter is so good (it's an anime) #dionnewarwick

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News; $XTMIF XTM Closes Strategic Investment with Miami's Groot Hospitality and Harlo Entertainment Groups

#dionnewarwick @RBMilestone @AlertTrade @financialbuzz $GETH $ASTI $MORF $GTCH #MWN

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@dionnewarwick #dionnewarwick Check out Nezha on @netflix . I watched it with my daughter and surprisingly we loved it!

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