Dr. Fauci has been consistently wrong in regards to Covid-19.

He has continuously contradicted himself, disseminated misinformation, assaulted our freedoms, & is still advising the president on COVID policy.

It is clear he is following special interests, not science. #FireFauci

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@wakeupfromcovid @drsimonegold Hint: Chloroquine is not Hydroxychloroqine.

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@Ktsimmi Profile picture Katie


 22 hours ago

@Nouknitouk @drsimonegold Makes me wonder if its @drsimonegold that is corrupt πŸ€”

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@mshkolnick Profile picture Marc Shkolnick


 22 hours ago

@drsimonegold You are every bit a doctor as Dr. Seuss.

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@drsimonegold Maybe Fauci should have been fired in 2005, when his team was publishing papers recommending the use of ... Chloroquine.

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@drsimonegold people think "experts" can't be corrupted. They have treated 'experts' like pure gods, which is completely ridiculous. There should be accountability.

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@BeverlyHoodz Profile picture Randy Paul


 22 hours ago

@drsimonegold I never listen to him anyways..

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@drsimonegold Dr Simone the Twitter doctor has thoughts.

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@CominSoon7 Profile picture Comin Soon


 22 hours ago

@drsimonegold Absolutely 100%

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