In Homer’s epic poem, the armor and weapons used by Hector and Achilles played a starring role

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@NatGeo It looks adventures

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@NatGeo Wonderful reading of The Death of Hector by @TobiasMenzies makes this epic duel very accessible

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@NatGeo Hector was the man

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@NatGeo looks like Mandalorian

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@NatGeo MF DOOM mask

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@zarkar @NatGeo try listening to it as an audiobook, instead. it was originally passed down as an oral tradition so that's how it's meant to be shared. and try not to get hung up on remembering every name - you already know the important ones.

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@NatGeo its probably because im dumb but how do people read that now? i tried and failed so many times. and hector son of nectarines prince of troy brother of paris born on the second moon on the 4th harvest banging daughter of eucalyptuszzzzz

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I was wondering why minnies BF didn’t go to the memorial #LittleWomenAtlanta

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Juicyyyy worry about yourself and stop being messy. Let Abira do what she needed to do #lwatl #LittleWomenAtlanta

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Abira’s explanation of herself is too real and to the tee. She wasn’t sheltered (her mama confirmed that) and had the whole world making fun of her so she always has her guard up. That says a lot #LittleWomenAtlanta #LittleWomenATL

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Minnie would infuriate me, but her presence will be missed on #LittleWomenAtlanta. RIP, Minnie!

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#LittleWomenAtlanta did a good job handling minnies death! I loved the episode❤️ Tammy should be part of the show!

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