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 1 week ago

Statehood Day greetings to the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

The land of the Rising Sun is known for its rich cultural heritage and patriotic zeal.

May the state scale new heights and keep contributing to the development journey of our nation.

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@VishPanchal15 @AmitShah मुफ्त में सिलेंडर थमा के मिट्टी का तेल बंध कर दिया!
300 का सिलेंडर 900 में बेच रहे है ये लुटेरे।
अब चावल और गेहूं बंध करने कि फिरक्तमे है।
आत्मनिर्भर बनो, अब सरकारी मदद नहीं मिलेगी!😂😂

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 1 week ago

@sagarsuman @AmitShah U must also b proud of ur State GOVERNMENT for levying high tax rate on petrol....😂😂😂

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@PoonamRathore25 @AmitShah जय सियाराम🌹🚩

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 1 week ago

@AmitShah Thank u Mr Home minister. I think you are busy in Bangal. Your are also know for your lies promises, haterd policies and wrong propaganda. Albeit we are proud of 😂😂

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 1 week ago

@AmitShah Good morning 🙏🌹👍

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@AmitShah सभी प्रदेश वासियों को हृदय से हार्दिक बधाई एवं बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं

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@AmitShah जय हिंद सर 🇮🇳

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@AmitShah हिन्दुओ याद रखना, राम मंदिर तुम्हारे नोटो से नही, तुम्हारे वोटो से बन रहा है..!
जय श्री राम जय सनातन'


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@AmitShah जब दिल्ली में बिजली फ्री है तो
सिलेंडर महंगा होने पर छाती क्यों पीट रहे हो
हीटर पर खाना बनाओ
😂हीटर पे 😂

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If you never/rarely personally interact with people who challenge your beliefs, you are living in a bubble. That isn't good for any of us. #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaymotivations #tuesdayvibe

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A boy becomes a man and a girl becomes a woman only after they start being responsible! #tuesdaymotivations

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Remember that farting is the best way to get your social distance #tuesdaymotivations #WearAMask #BeKind #MentalHealthMatters #PositiveVibes #fart #beans #gotmilk #anxiety #beer #tuesdayvibe #Econometrics #FactsMatter #FartsMatter

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Building your career takes time. Wes Anderson took 2 years from making his short film, to making his feature. It flopped & took him 2 years to make his next movie. Keep going, keep growing. #tuesdaymotivations

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Beautiful morning walks in #Folkestone today ☀️

Making the most of these days off before it’s back to work full time again.

#tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations #morningcoffee #seaside #kent #kentlife #rambler #walk #CoffeeLover

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