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 2 weeks ago

Good things happen when you search Black-owned businesses on Google — take it from @StephenCurry30. Try searching “Black-owned shops near me” to support the businesses in your community, and see some of Stephen’s favorite Oakland spots in his full video.

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 2 weeks ago

@smariconde @Google @StephenCurry30 Yeah it's racist, but I guess positive discrimination is a good thing now?

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 2 weeks ago
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 2 weeks ago

@Google @StephenCurry30 I think this is kind of racist... why differentiate from other businesses??

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 2 weeks ago

@Google @StephenCurry30 Is it racism?

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 2 weeks ago

@Google @StephenCurry30 I wouldn't have food otherwise.

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@Google @StephenCurry30 What the actual fuck?

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@Google @jowens510 @StephenCurry30 How does Google know the racial makeup of business owners? Is race a field in Google places now?

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 2 weeks ago

@Google @jowens510 @StephenCurry30 Does this only work for black-owned or does it work universally? Can I do asian-owned?

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 2 weeks ago

@Google @StephenCurry30 I wonder how much you guys paid him for that 👀

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witam wszystkich i zegnam narazie dopóki nie obejrze #WandaVisionFinale 😭 miłego dnia i oglądania wszystkim <333

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Buongiorno! Siete prontx? Fareste bene a prepararvi perché quello di oggi proprio non ve l'aspettate.
//*risata isterica* io non riuscirò a vederlo alle nove quindi questo è un addio fino a quando non l'avrò visto, probabile che se appaio lo sapete prima voi

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For the next 24 hours I will transport myself back to a land before time free of spoilers, social media, and TikTok dances. Godspeed friends and may you not be spoiled. #WandaVisionFinale

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Aku bertahan ya elak segala spoiler ke apa ke untuk #WandaVisionFinale

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I don’t want to think that in a couple minutes we are getting the #WandaVisionFinale

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Happy WandaVision eve it’s almost time for the finale and I manifesting the minimoffs live and that Wanda gets her happy ending #DisneyPlus #AgathaHarkness #WandaVisionFinale #wandavisionbash

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Remember when everyone thought Agatha ate my favorite twin and the other one? And now y'all are manifesting them not being able to survive outside of the hex? I'm tired I truly am😭 if they don't survive I'm not forgiving any of y'all ❤ #WandaVision #WandaVisionFinale

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