Quina gran remontada! Ja estem a semis! @FCBarcelona

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 3 weeks ago
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 3 weeks ago

@3gerardpique @FCBarcelona Cuándo regresas? Ya ansío dupla con Ronald

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@3gerardpique @FCBarcelona Visca Barça 💙❤️

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 3 weeks ago

@3gerardpique @FCBarcelona i esperem guanyar-la amb tu ❤️

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@3gerardpique @FCBarcelona Qué noche 💙❤️💙❤️

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 3 weeks ago
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@3gerardpique @FCBarcelona Con esta actitud y un poco más de acierto de cara al gol, le ganamos al PSG.

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Celebrate #ReadAcrossAmericaDay with a picture book all ages enjoy. Light verse & rich art capture the fun of childhood - adulthood adventure our feet carry us through. Purchases support our fav charity!
#DrSeussDay #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayVibes

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Celebrating an American treasure, Theodor Seuss Geisel who was born March 2, 1904 with #ReadAcrossAmericaDay a.k.a. #DrSeussDay

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March 2 #ReadAcrossAmericaDay Let’s read today, in bed, on chair, in any way, across the Bay, let’s read all day! 😃📚😀📚

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Today is #ReadAcrossAmericaDay! Replace one word in a book to make it baseball-related. We'll go first.

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Happy #ReadAcrossAmericaDay!
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#Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other #learning possible.” -@BarackObama

Our class special guest from @literacynowhtx program will read to us at 9:30. ‼️😱

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Happy #ReadAcrossAmericaDay!!!!

I can't wait to visit two wonderful classes today (one in New Jersey, one in Massachusetts) to share my book TABITH AND FRITZ TRADE PLACES!

Two states in one day, all from the comfort of my home. The internet isn't ALL bad, is it!

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