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 1 month ago
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@redbull @MonsterEnergy @andrewkeh Kindly confirm if this video explanatory is true!
#UFCVegas20 Gane @nypost

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Marco Scandella on scoring his first two goals with the Blues: “Felt unbelievable. Coming off three losses, a lot of emotions, guys getting into it... it was the perfect way to get off that losing streak.” #stlblues

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I've stayed up to 1:30 AM and just realized I missed the best game of the year cause I forgot it was on #stlblues 😒

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@Ferrario101ESPN East Coast, night shift, loving the action at the other end of I-80! This was a blast. (Much less of a blast if it’d been an L.) #Scandella #Binner #Husso #STLvsSJS #stlblues

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First shorty of the season for the Blues and it was a BEAUTY!

#stlblues | @jagermeisterusa

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Also super funny that people are shitting on Binner for being fired up. 😂 #stlblues

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@StLouisBlues @EdwardJones Posso dormi feliz agora #stlblues 🇧🇷💙

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