UK PM Boris Johnson says "it will not be possible" to reopen schools in England immediately after February half-term break, but is hopeful it could happen from 8 March

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 1 month ago

@ptwntz_ @BBCBreaking So right, like the Cheltenham super spreader event, let’s have another one, what could go wrong. Be nice to see anyone from this government apologise for this carnage they have enabled but when you don’t have a moral compass this is what happens.

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Government hopes to begin reopening schools from 8 March - if target to vaccine most vulnerable by mid-February is met

PM Boris Johnson says it's not possible to reopen England schools immediately after February half-term

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 1 month ago
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@BBCBreaking Because “Let’s hope” has never steered us wrong before

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 1 month ago

@BBCBreaking not gonna tho are they

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 1 month ago

@BBCBreaking Smell the dejavu

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@BBCBreaking This is starting to look horribly familiar

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 1 month ago

@BBCBreaking It wont lol

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Even though my birthdays this month cancel march #cancelmarch

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#CancelMarch My birthday's about to be canceled but I don't care if that's the price I have to pay to have a feral february 2.1

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It's a beautiful day & a beautiful week to plan ahead and strategize 🎯 for the new month 📆

#March #March1 #March1st #CancelMarch #Sunday #sundayvibes #SundayMotivation #MondayMotivation #Mondaythoughts

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Sticky bum time for some 😬
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