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 1 month ago

took my ppv 15 minutes to actually work but we got there eventually #UFC257

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@JairRozenstruik came out freshly oiled up bread. I’m callin first round KO #UFCVegas20 #ufc

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WoW he was in complete control of the entire fight. Very cool colm and effective. Looks very decorated fighter having good skills of wrestling and brutal in striking this guy is serious threat to the light heavyweight division. Wish you so mch luck @AnkalaevM
#UFCVegas20 #UFC

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yesssssss #UFCVegas20

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Wow the eye of Montana De La Rosa eye #ufc #ufcvegas20 #wmma

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Rozenstruik has SCARY POWER but Gane can move like a lightweight and has an element of grappling that can throw any fight strategy a πŸ”§ #UFCVegas20 #ESPNPlus #chidoMMA

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Both #UFCVegas20 And #CaneloYildirim are bang on the same time. -_-

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@JairRozenstruik has a similar feel as Derrick Lewis last week when he was the underdog and got the KO #UFCVegas20

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