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 1 month ago

#dreamwaswrong #justiceforAverage twitter defends pedophiles.

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@IllusionAndJoy You can live in delusions of grandeur all you want. Won't change the fact we aren't leaving #superstraight

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@neopronoungay Goofy LMFAOOO nigga I’m #superstraight if niggas can be “demigirls” and “gender fluid” and “fraysexual” I’m super straight.

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#superstraight Hello Reddit, I’ve actually been called transphobic for not wanting to date trans people... ITS NOT TRANSPHOBIC ITS JUST A PREFERENCE!!!! I am only attracted to biological women and I was born that way!

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@PotatoePet @FemmeLoves Twitter is an unsafe space for #superstraight peeps

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hey im a transmasc person whos in need of top surgery funds. instead of supporting transphobes like #superstraight, support a struggling trans person <3

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I checked #superstraight to see what the cishet allos were up to, and I am pleased to report that it's been hijacked by the enbies.

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#superstraight is just people highjacking the hashtag and posting their art and it's the funnies shit

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