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@Jim_Jordan @RealTina40 #ImpeachBidenNow Jim, America is counting on you to make sure his crimes are sanctioned asap

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Democrats will now spend the first days of the Biden Administration focusing on President Trump, rather than the American people.

Their obsession with attacking him will never stop.

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The Utah Jazz closes off their toughest 9 game stretch of the season with an 8-1 record:

Indiana W
Boston W
Milwaukee W
Miami W
Philadelphia W
Clips W
Clips L
Charlotte W
Lakers W

7 of their 8 wins were by double digits, 6 of these without Conley as well.


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Just In: $PRAH #TakeNote $OMTK $GME $TQLB $GMPR #MWN

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Analysts talking about playoffs being different than the regular season forget what @spidadmitchell does come playoff time. Dude is clutch, and on a more balanced team that still dominates when he scores under 20. What happens when it’s playoffs and he goes for 50? #TakeNote

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🇫🇷 Rudy.

Le #NBAAllStar compile 18 PTS, 9 REB à 8-12 au shot!

Le @utahjazz l'emporte face à L.A. 114-89 ! #TakeNote

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BREAKING NEWS: $PRAH (PRAH): Johnson Fistel Investigates the Proposed Sale of PRA Health; Are Shareholders Getting a Fair Deal?

#MarriedAtFirstSight @LionHeart_RB777 @resx18 @wsbpirate $TQLB $GMPR $GME $OMTK #MWN

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We have to win it all now for Mike #TakeNote

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