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The CDC says the rate of severe allergic reactions to the first shot of the Moderna vaccine is about one in 400,000, and those who have experienced it "do well and recover”

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Today we celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay by showing you a glimpse at some of the incredible apex predators found across Finland, including our national animal, the brown bear.

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Happy #WorldWildlifeDay! Did you 80% of land-dwelling species rely on forests in order to survive? Kirtland’s warblers nest in jack pine forests, grizzly bears eat seeds from pine trees in alpine forests, even ocelots rely on thornforests for protection

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(1/2) On the occasion of #WorldWildlifeDay, HSI/India conducted a sensitization workshop for 74 Range Forest Officer Trainees from 6 states - all of whom are receiving training at the Karnataka State Forest Academy.
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Happy #WorldWildlifeDay! 💙 RT if you agree that wild animals belong in the WILD—not in zoos, aquariums, circuses, or in the exotic pet trade.

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It's #WorldWildlifeDay & this year’s theme is “Forests & livelihoods: sustaining people & planet.” Over 1M species are on track for extinction in the next decades. Here are ways to take action & celebrate today with the kids in your life: #wwd2021 #care

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Pls point me to the best wildlife stories you've read. Fiction/ non-fiction, articles, reportage - anything that worked for you. Many thanks

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#ActionReplay on #WorldWildlifeDay, to how animal puppets activities brought smiles to our kids' faces, built their storytelling skills & kept them meaningfully engaged through the #Play2LearnKit. Grateful to our volunteer, Pranita Modi for curating—Make A Hand Puppet playsheet.

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