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 1 month ago

@MeghanMcCain belongs on faux news with her other enablers. #TheView

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So, there's already an Azure Service Fabric Mesh, and now we have Microsoft Mesh. Who is in charge of naming things at MSFT? #MSIgnite

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Azure Remote Rendering in action :O

Listen, I'm heavy excited about this.

Good ol introverted Jeremy would be so happy to have this.

Mesh works with HoloLens 2, Windows Virtual Reality, Oculus, PCs, Macs, Smart Phones.


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This is how we will all communicate someday soon. Holoportation. Volumetric cameras will become as common place as web cams. We'll be streamed into virtual environments or into each other's homes via spatial computing devices like #HoloLens2. #MSIgnite

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I am watching #MSIgnite and pretty amazed by what Alex Kipman is talking about right now, the different use cases for #MicrosoftMesh And when he was in the marine life scenery earlier... amazing!

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The #MSIgnite book of news is always a good indicator of both the focus, and key announcements likely to come out during the course of the event... #Azure, #Security, and #Identity are always my go-to sections. The pick of the bunch this time around πŸ‘Œ

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Microsoft Mesh is cross-platform. #MSIgnite

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Sweet - I was hoping mesh would work with Occulus - 3500 for a holo lens 2 is a lot for just doing a POC #MSIgnite

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