Meghan McCain trying to blame Ds for the plague even though she didn’t use radical left rhetoric(she just thought it)is so stupid & so disingenuous when the monsters in charge of the pandemic did not recognize that as #fauci learned more he IMMEDIATELY recommended masks! #TheView

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Pleasant Elementary is loving our Read Across America Day!! #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #DrSeuss

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Take a few minutes today and read to yourself and a young person! Here is a little something if your not already into a book #ReadAcrossAmericaDay

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Superintendent @stevencarter73 reading, Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale in honor of #ReadAcrossAmericaDay. #McCrackenProud

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It’s #ReadAcrossAmericaDay β€” made official by @POTUS @JoeBiden & my pre-k class just finished reading this classic Golden Book! What are you reading your kiddos today?

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For Read Across America Day, why not read #music?! What’s your favorite song to #sing? #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #PBCC #choir

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@taradublinrocks We need to show these to our children not hide facts. Hopefully our children will be shocked and display an even stronger sense for Equity. Children are our Ambassadors for the future of Human Decency. Keep Dr Seuss in #ReadAcrossAmericaDay

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