And I forgot the tag. Of course I would

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You would like to talk to The Boss?
That would be me 😼


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Great way to kick that off!
@AEW please throw all the money at @maki_itoh !!! She deserves it!

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Opening match was so fun. Every woman there is talented AF and I hope to see more of them especially Maki.

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Time to blast Ryo's theme song loud!

#AEWWomensTournament #AEW

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Yuka vs. Ryo just about to ick off! I'm torn over who I want to take this. Yuka's Yuka...but Ryo's really grown on me with this tourny. #AEWWomensTournament

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Excellent 6 person tag match. #AEWWomensTournament

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Loving @EmiSakura_gtmv’s attitude lol. Nobody gets in her way! #AEWWomensTournament

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