@SteveDaines Profile picture Steve Daines


 1 month ago

Quoted @SteveDaines

This is unacceptable. I’m demanding this be fixed NOW.

I’ve also spoken with @montanaguard soldiers on the ground tonight & will continue stay in touch.

These are American heroes. They should be treated like it.

Glad to see this issue being fixed. Our soldiers deserve the utmost respect.

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@elampman18 Profile picture Evan Lampman


 1 month ago

@SteveDaines You are a huge part of the reason they even had to be there. #ResignDaines

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@SteveDaines Thanks to @SenDuckworth for her efforts to get to the bottom of this mess...

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@SteveDaines Bounties by Russia on US soldiers are ok though?! Umm-k...

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@slschlaht Profile picture Sondra Schlaht


 1 month ago

What a joke the inauguration was.

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@ZBlime Profile picture Jeff


 1 month ago

@SteveDaines Have you heard of a guy named Putin? Did you hear what he did to our troops? What did you do about all that?

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@saxonlh Profile picture Saxon Holbrook


 1 month ago

@SteveDaines They've earned it unlike yourself. Why don't you do something for Montana for once? #mtpol

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@kellypacker Profile picture Kelly Packer


 1 month ago

@SteveDaines Seems like journalism worked here 🤔

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@MrsBennet406 Profile picture BennetBennet


 1 month ago

@SteveDaines Lol..... Such an ass.

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@MTrider16 Profile picture David Wedel


 1 month ago

@SteveDaines I think we should follow Abbott’s lead.


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@GregAbbott_TX Profile picture Greg Abbott


 1 month ago

I have instructed General Norris to order the return of the Texas National Guard to our state. @TexasGuard

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