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 1 month ago

I ask conservatives to join me in denouncing racist groups such as Proud Boys, and clearly label Q’Anon ideology as false and dangerous. I urge my liberal friends to do the same for Antifa and other left-wing extremist groups.

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@djgiantrobot @SteveDaines Ag subsidies!

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@SteveDaines 🌭🚗

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@SteveDaines Too late now, Steve-O. You missed your window.

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@SteveDaines Alright I hear you. I think there's a seperation between anti-fascists and liberal extremism though.

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@SteveDaines Thank you! Now explain to your followers that many of our Federal programs are a form of socialism. Highways! Social Security! Don’t be scared!

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 1 month ago

@SteveDaines Only if you tell everyone what antifa means

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@SteveDaines P.s. we should all be antifa, yo.

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@SteveDaines Sweet baby, why don't you sit and let the real grownups handle this.

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 1 month ago

@SteveDaines Too late, Steve.

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@SPCPartyPatrol Where's the party list for #MSIgnite this year? :-D

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@SPCPartyPatrol There isn't even a men's restroom at all at my #MSIgnite location! Women and cats only!

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