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 1 month ago

With widespread mask-wearing drawing more attention to people’s eyes, imports of makeup such as eye shadow and mascara, mainly from South Korea, are on the rise. #AsiaNewsNetwork

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someone tell me israel adesanya going to be the undefeated champion. I said beat this 29-0 @TeamKhabib #UFC259

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Proud of you Brother @stylebender. 💚💚💚🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬. #UFC259

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@ufc @walegates New challenge, new knowledge, no damage, paycheck, close fight too. Awesome fight! #UFC259

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People saying @funkmasterMMA was milking that knee to the head, LOL let me swing my knee full force to your temple and let me know how you feel afterwards,

Ya' Muppets !!!!


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#UFC259 in Izzy #Izzy #KadınaŞiddeteHayı #さ行でお前の純粋さを教えてやれ with #ฟีฟายYellow #Thailand #SenÇalKapımı #İbrahimSetenTutuklansın #Sterling Blachowicz #SungchanMCFighting
#quackityfell #KadınaŞiddeteHayır #FreeFireHotShot2 #Thailand

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تدرون ليش جونز مسوي حفلة تقول معرس؟

ببساطة لأنه ما راح يقابل ايزي ويلقم منه..

خلونا نشوف كيف الضحك إذا قاتل في الثقيل


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You find out so much about the character of people when things don’t turn out as planned. Izzy just showed what a star he was in the post fight presser - I’m still on the hype train! Look forward to what lies ahead #UFC259 #teamizzy

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