@DanCrenshawTX thank you, you're spot on #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachTrump

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Why I voted against impeachment:

1. The legal standard for incitement requires specific direction and intent, which was lacking. By this standard, many members of Congress should be removed from office for summer riots.

2. 1 week left in his term.

3. We need de-escalation.

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what more in the name of love

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” #MLK #MLKDay #MartinLutherKing #MartinLutherKingDay

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A reading for today: “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” — or a masterclass on civil discourse and a reminder that those who disagree with us are not our enemies. #MlkDay2021  #MLKDay

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Guidelines for a Constructive Church: A Sermon from The Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay  #MLKDay2021  #BelovedCommunity  Full sermon:

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As you post your #MLKDay quotes just remember he didn’t “die” for anything, he was murdered by racists.

In addition, if you oppose BLM you probably would’ve hated MLK too. Good day ✌🏾

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