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Just In: $GME 3 Things Investors Need to Know About Short Squeezes

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It's not too *crazy* to start asking which one in the FBI list of wanted domestic #MAGATerrorists who attacked the US Capitol on January 6th, will be the next Republican member of Congress. Maybe the GOP will use those lists to recruit candidates. #MorningJoe #RadicalRepublicans

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My latest painting has a simple message, Free Navalny

свободный Навальный
svobodnyy Naval'nyy

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#MorningJoe even when Trump is no longer President he can't seem to let go of his obsession with the man.

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#morningjoe #Brokaw stayed past his expiration date, good thing he finally decided to retire, his contributions were getting dated and irrelevant. Knowing when time to fold em is very important. Wishing him well, but yesterday is gone

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#MorningJoe should see all about past politics with roots to current people in places of power.

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Your segment on women who stood up to Trump should have been renamed white women ... you forgot @maxine @staceyabrams @MsLaToshaBrown @AOC stop erasing the contributions of WOC 🤬🤷🏽‍♀️ #MorningJoe

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What’s happening in the Republican Party sounds more like learned helplessness than politics.

We’re going to need more therapists.


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