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@Earthling_001 @business @AZGOP @andybiggs4az @RepMoBrooks @drpaulgosar @GOP what is wrong with the 3 and many more in the GOP? Follow the constitution and your oath to it not a insane man! The #GOPisaDisgrace #fromFormerGOP # #invokethe25th #AmericaOrTrump

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@business Andy Biggs, AZ... Wasn't he named as one of the conspirators with the insurrectionists?
Yep. Him, Paul Gosar, AZ and Mo Brooks, AL

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Liz Cheney is facing calls to resign from her House GOP leadership post after she said she will vote to impeach Trump

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Before watching #WandaVision my theory is that it'll cause the house of m

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Recién entré a las redes y casi me spoileo #wandavision. DOS SEGUNDOS PASARON NADA MÁS. Chau redes hasta la semana que viene.

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Watching #WandaVision with my mom who has never seen a Marvel movie. Explaining who people are is amazing. I'm loving this!

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aquele "não" da Wanda me arrepiou da mesma forma como ela disse "ainda" pro Thanos em ultimato, senão mais 🙂


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📷 Its about time… #wandavision @disneyplus #disneyplus (at Fort Wayne, Indiana)

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i got so happy seeing the marvel intro again after so long #WandaVision

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.@BedBathBeyond are you still going to #MyPillowGuy #MyPillow when he's trying to overthrow our government encourage the president to enact martial law
@TheRickWilson #WandaVision #TrumpTreason speak up please people

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