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These are the DIEHARD REPUBLICAN TRUMP SUPPORTERS that are as desperate as him & we need to watch out for. McCarthy,Graham,Cruz,Hawley, Gaetz,Brooks, Blunt, Johnson,Nunes & Tuberville. These guys hold the same values as Trump & will continue his cause even after he leaves office

Rep Lauren Boebert Pushed her way through newly installed metal detectors & ignored police officers who asked her to stop so they could check her with a hand wand. refused to show guards what was inside her handbag. ARREST her next time she will learn how it works the hard way

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why is #dreamwaswrong trending

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I literally love how its always the dream stans that get the hate for something we didnt do its so stupid like if someone is happy for what they do let them yall be calling us snowflakes but once yall see a dream stan some of yall dont know how to act. #dreamwaswrong

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Maybe if we didn't decide "hey that word that describes unhealthily attached super fans? Lets wear that like a badge of honor!" We wouldnt have fanbases where people feel entitled to unhealthy attachments. Dont make your entertainment your personality. #dreamwaswrong

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Why the hell is dream not punishing his stans for drawing/writing illegal NSFW fan content how the hell can he think this is at all ok, he's in hot water for faking speedruns now this... Work on your community dream before it dies. #dreamwaswrong

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#dreamwaswrong #justiceforAverage twitter defends pedophiles.

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#dreamwaswrong. he doesnt condone this shit its all snfwmcytwt cancel them not dream he doesnt draw the photos he probs doesnt even see them maybe dont cancel just educate ffs yall sre stupid

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