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With QAnon connections to Capitol attack

And with QAnon support from some GOP in Congress

1. Reminder: this essay by atrocity expert: “QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded”

2. @jasonintrator discusses with @mehdirhasan the Q linkages with Nazi theory👇

“QAnon is a nazi cult Rebranded” please everyone read this article. It explains what the QAnon group is. @SenRickScott @marcorubio please have the Republican Party denounce the QAnon group. #LincolnProject #CountryOverParty #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #AmericaOrTrump

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#ImpeachBidenNow shoutout to the kpop community for absolutely wrecking this tag!!! keep it going y'all, keep posting them fancams babes!!

love, ya homie

pls this gif is me attempting to contribute

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@Jim_Jordan @RealTina40 #ImpeachBidenNow Jim, America is counting on you to make sure his crimes are sanctioned asap

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