Everyone who wants to partake with going against the inauguration, the White House, the American government of any kind should have their firearm rights provoked. Let America grow, it’s too beautiful to become a war zone. Time to unite, United States. #AmericaOrTrump @JoeBiden

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#RoevWade Should be a national holiday. Reproductive rights and privacy rights are essential to a free society. I'm pro-choice because even as a man, these are my rights too.

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Almost 50 years since #RoevWade, legal abortion alone continues to leave behind people struggling financially, people of color, LGBTQ folks, immigrants & young people. The time to #ReimagineRoe is now.

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Reproductive healthcare is healthcare. Reproductive rights are human rights.
Elect more leaders who will protect your healthcare and your rights.

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#RoevWade #PuertoRico
#iglesiayestadoasuntosseparados 🧡
#NataliaNicole #Mulata

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Despite widespread public support for abortion care, less than half of states would protect abortion rights should Roe v. Wade be reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court. @MsMagazine #ReimagineRoe #RoevWade

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I saw someone posit the theory that #RoevWade could have been overturned while Rs were in control, but didn’t. The reason being, since so many are one-issue voters, they would be lost to the Dems if Roe was off the table.
My mind is blown.

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On the 48th anniversary of #RoevWade, we're staying in the fight to keep abortion safe and legal – and proud to be fighting alongside these grassroots organizations dedicated to #reprorights.

cc: @WWAVinc @LiftingLA @PPGulfCoast @NolaAbortionFnd

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