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"I wish we could find those responsible for spreading a baseless conspiracy theory that undermined our electoral process & radicalized Trump supporters to the point of killing a Capitol policeman w/ a fire extinguisher on the way to hang Mike Pence-guess we'll never know!"
- @gop

This thing is so god damn passionate that for a second I forgot NO ELECTION WAS FUCKING STOLEN AND NO VOTES WERE ILLEGAL

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@JopezX @chrissyteigen What the hell are you talking about

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@chrissyteigen Except the deceased were voting, illegal immigrants were voting, votes somehow just disappeared or were “accidentally” trashed but we won’t go into that😐

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 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen Can Fox News be indicted for sedition?

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 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen What's the current score? 1-64? Clearly stolen then

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 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen They all need to be held accountable for the attack on the Capitol.

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 1 week ago
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@chrissyteigen Get outta here with all your "facts" and "reality" we're trying to sell some ad time here! - Fox News, probably.

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@chrissyteigen Radicalism is a drug! That's exactly why this is so, so dangerous.

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@chrissyteigen lady GAGA stole my cat ! X

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