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Quoted @jaketapper

A week ago MAGA terrorists, incited by Trump, his son, his lawyer, and months of lies by far too many folks in the GOP and media, tried to stop the Constitutional election process through a terrorist attack on the Capitol. 5 were killed. They are now trying to change the subject.

They are equating it to last summer’s protests against racial injustice. Those were motivated by repeated incidences of white cops killing unarmed blacks; last week was ignorant, gullible white thugs manipulated by deliberately repeated lies by Trump. #AmericaOrTrump

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How many of trumps affairs have benefited from #RoevWade

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- There are *only* 17 abortion providers in PA, compared to 145 at the time Roe was decided
- PA has a 24-hour waiting period
- PA’s health exchange plans cover abortion only in very limited circumstances
- BUT PA funds deceptive crisis pregnancy centers


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On this anniversary of #RoevWade, a reminder that #abortionisNOTcare of ANY kind.

It kills a baby. (over 60,000,000, so far)

And wounds its Mother for the rest of her life.

#ChooseLife #Roe48 #PraytoEndabortion
@FRCdc @SBAList @NRTL @FPAGeorgia

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