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 1 day ago

@toddstarnes Not the same dynamic here. Trump only worked for his base. Biden will work for all Americans. #BidenHarris2020 #2020Elections #ConvictTrump #AmericaOrTrump #AnybodybutTrump #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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 2 days ago

Republicans have an obligation to treat Biden the exact same way Democrats treated Trump.

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my cat’s bday is september 5th #EWandTheWilds

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Will regan be making a comeback in the coming seasons??? #EWandTheWilds @heyabbot

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All these season 2 teases are getting us even more excited! #EWandTheWilds

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Nooo it looked so real #EWandTheWilds

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does nora use duckduckgo #EWandTheWilds

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#EWandTheWilds i gotta close my eyes whenever I see that Toni and branch hitting scene because I laugh at Toni’s awkward face cuz she’s like 😬😅 after she hits Shelby

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@jenna_clause did you improvise any of your lines during the season?? #EWandTheWilds

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