>> @benshapiro on the feelings of GOP lawmakers: "Opposition to impeachment comes from a deep and abiding conservative belief that members of the opposing political tribe want their destruction, not simply to punish Trump for his behavior."

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@brianstelter @benshapiro What a smarmy argument, really. It’s somehow unjust if “punishing Trump”—impeaching a president threatening the American experiment—also harms the political careers of the people enabling him for the last five years

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@brianstelter @benshapiro Yes, it's always about them.

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@brianstelter @benshapiro Ben Shapiro should not have his platform amplified by CNN. And once again, all they have is projection. Who wants to destroy whom?

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@brianstelter @benshapiro Their self-preservation requires crossing moral lines

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@brianstelter @benshapiro Any GOP lawmaker who encouraged, helped plan or helped facilitate the insurrection that happened last Wednesday should be afraid.

That would be a crime and they should be prosecuted.

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@brianstelter @benshapiro Can't fix stupid - or projection.

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hi! #dreamwaswrong needed to be said much earlier- this fandom has become absolutely disgusting at this point- And im very glad its been said.

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#dreamwaswrong seeing so much shit on this tag and its getting annoying. If your seeing this please go spam report the account below. they are literally drawing CP and its disgusting. as someone from the Minecraft community who likes the cc's I do not condone this shit.

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#dreamwaswrong hey dream/tommy/(etc.) stans can you stop sexualizing children, even if they dont address it/tell people to stop it's still common fucking sense to not sexualize a child, jesus fucking christ why is it that hard to understand

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#dreamwaswrong when did he ever say it was okay? sorry I don't want to get into this but I literally just saw a video of him saying it's not okay soo.... sorry I'm just really confused

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good, but sick and tired of the fucking #dreamwaswrong mess

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#dreamwaswrong when stans are mad

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