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Days it took for Mitch McConnell to move Amy Coney Barrett from the Senate floor to confirmation: 4

Days until the end of Trump’s term: 7


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„Let’s see how quick Mr. ‚I am done with Donald Trump, but won’t turn down a nice coffee trip on Air Force One anyways!“ #ConvictTrump

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We did it! Justice Barrett is now a reality.

A great day for conservative women and the American people!

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Passion4words: Exhale #FridayMotivation

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For The First Time, a New State of Matter Has Been Observed in a Thread of Quantum Gas - The category of matter at work even has a legendary title; a super Tonks-Girardeau gas. #Fridaymotivation

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What are your ambitions for 2021?

I will start running 2 minute miles and reading with my eyes shut

#FridayMotivation #JummahMubarak #COVIDー19

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Nasha karta hai servansh.
Must watch at sadhna tv 7:30pm.

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Looking for a Friday treat?

Stop by one of our location for some shrimp tacos!

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It is a New Year. While it is early in the year, we should get the ball rolling.
So here is how I plan on getting busy. What about you?

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