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I’m taking my commentary game to the next level at Unpacked for my homies @SamsungMobile. I’ll also be giving away the newest Samsung tech so tune in on my Twitch channel tomorrow, Jan 14 at 7AM PST! #TeamGalaxy #SamsungUnpacked #SamsungPartner

Wonder what it could be … πŸ˜‰ πŸ™Œ @TSM_Myth
See you on the stream, πŸ‘‘!

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@NainaBatra14 Profile picture Naina Batra


 5 days ago

@SamsungMobile @TSM_Myth Cant wait at all yayayya

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 6 days ago

@MElsaedy1 @SamsungMobile @TSM_Myth i think you're better off without a zfold

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@SamsungMobile @TSM_Myth This is on at 0200 in my place, but I'll be watching @samsung :-)

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@SamsungMobile @TSM_Myth Kamjosefa ir

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@SamsungMobile @TSM_Myth Tired of yall sponsoring people who use iPhones as their personal daily phone 😭

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@MElsaedy1 Profile picture M Elsaedy


 6 days ago

@SamsungMobile @TSM_Myth I hope i get samsung zfold2 oneday. My iphone is fully shit. But no money to buy zfold2😭😭😭

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@Meidas_RedPanda @OhOEvie I gots me a trump troll, if you could read his tweets, he contradicts himself. LOL #ByeTrump

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#bitcoin #InaugurationDay #wednesdaythought #ByeDon #TrumpsLastDay #ByeTrump If you want to start with bitcoin, I recommand you to use this site:

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Whelp! There he goes! Trump took off in Air Force One with Frank Sinatra’s version of β€œMy Way” playing in the background. He sure did do it his way.. thaaaanks dude. *gestures mildy to everything on fire* #byetrump #myway

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When trump realises he didnt make America great again after 4 years.
Tune in next week as he is divorced and acting like a child saying life's not fair ect.

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It must be #GetlostTrump


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