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 1 day ago

A week ago MAGA terrorists, incited by Trump, his son, his lawyer, and months of lies by far too many folks in the GOP and media, tried to stop the Constitutional election process through a terrorist attack on the Capitol. 5 were killed. They are now trying to change the subject.

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@flexghost1 @jaketapper I missed something, what is the topic they’re changing it too? I’m serious I’m still upset about what happened last week

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@petermcarey @jaketapper I knew then. Certain but not the degree of maga crazy

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@jaketapper Trumpghazi sounds like a fine use of tax payer dollars for the next 4 years if you ask me

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 1 day ago

@PRESlDENTBANNON @jaketapper You may want to swap that top one to "Popular Vote Wins: 0." Much as we may hate him, he did win the first election.

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@jaketapper GOP talking points leaked:

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@jaketapper Please don’t let them! They need to be remembered as the seditionists they are.

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@jaketapper Don’t let them change the narrative. They’re trying.

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@jaketapper Day 1454

Election wins: 0
Insurrection attempts: 1
Impeachments: 2
Deaths at Capitol Hill: 5
Associates indicted: 7
Election lawsuit defeats: 64
Golf trips: 298
Covid deaths: 380,000
Jobs lost: 3 million
Annual deficit: $3.1 trillion

Four years of non-stop winning

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 1 day ago

Rep. Sherrill describes how her military training taught her to "look for things that were out of place, look for things that were odd, and look at them with an eye toward security," and how that led her to raise questions about visitors to the Capitol the day before the attack.

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